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Acris Technology Launches Mortgage VCO, the Mortgage Industry’s First Complete Virtual Office Solution

July 14th, 2011 | Posted by Paul McQuade in News & Press

Cloud-delivered software suite allows lenders to slash IT and office expenses and run an entirely paperless mortgage business - including loan processing, customer relationship management (CRM) and integrated telephone communications - in a secure, centrally-managed virtual environment

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 14, 2011

Acris Technology, formerly Acris Solutions, a software development company and provider of paperless technology for mortgage bankers and lenders, today unveiled Mortgage VCO, an end-to-end, cloud-based "virtual corporate office" suite of software applications, IT and consulting services that enable any mortgage lender to run a compliant, scalable, paperless mortgage business without the expense and complexity of on-site servers, software, maintenance and upgrades. The announcement was made at the 39th Annual Western Secondary Market Conference in San Francisco.

Developed and refined over a period of 12 years, Mortgage VCO had been in use privately for years by Laguna Hills, California-based Millenia Mortgage to process over $10 billion in funded loans and is now available to mortgage bankers, regional and community banks, credit unions, and other mortgage lenders. Mortgage VCO's suite of solutions includes cloud-delivered virtual desktops, sophisticated loan origination and processing software, paperless document storage, digital signature technology, IP telephony, and mortgage-specific consulting and IT services. As a virtual, cloud-based office solution, Mortgage VCO drastically reduces lenders' IT costs so they can focus on what matters: closing more loans in less time. It also removes all geographical boundaries from a lender's hiring criteria and integrates all communications among all parties - including emails and phone calls - into the mortgage production process, enabling ultimate transparency and accountability within a lender's operations. Lenders simply need a high-speed Internet connection to run Mortgage VCO.

“The enormity of the changes sweeping through the mortgage industry is having a fundamental effect on how lenders do business," said Richard Johnston, president of Acris Technology. "If there was ever a time to reinvent the mortgage office, this is it. For the first time, lenders can have one office solution that does everything they need it to do and more - including a completely integrated communications platform that provides total control over leads and call campaigns, and the ability to run an entirely paperless operation. Simply put, Mortgage VCO makes lenders' lives easier and more productive."

The Mortgage VCO suite begins with the VCO Desk platform, which delivers a Windows desktop environment to any computer, laptop, thin client, iPad or tablet PC with a high-speed Internet connection. VCO Desk also includes the Microsoft Office® suite and MS Exchange® Server. Any third-party or proprietary software can also be hosted and delivered through VCO Desk's secure Citrix® environment. Each of the five separate components described below can be added individually or together as part of the integrated suite:

  • VCO Lend - Loan origination and processing software that lets lenders enjoy increased productivity from their sales and processing teams, get real-time visibility into their operations and staff, reduce errors and ensure complete, compliant loan files. Designed for a compliance-driven marketplace, VCO Lend features highly-advanced task parsing and file queuing technology, custom rules-based workflow management, real-time performance reporting, incentive-based compensation, lead tracking and distribution, and comprehensive secondary marketing tools. VCO Lend allows multiple people to collaborate on the same file at the same time, improving turn times from application to funding. VCO Lend is packed with features yet can be fully customizable to a lender's unique business needs.
  • VCO File - An easy-to-use paperless document management and hosted storage solution that integrates seamlessly with VCO Lend and other loan origination systems, VCO File saves time, money, and eliminates the need for on-site servers and file cabinets, enabling instantly-searchable digital file sharing anywhere, anytime.
  • VCO Sign - A digital electronic signature tool that uses public key encryption to ensure security, turbo-charging a lender’s pre-disclosure and document signing processes.
  • VCO Link - Provides seamless integration links with a variety of title, escrow, flood, credit, appraisal management, compliance and other settlement service providers - plus the ability to integrate with most pricing or automated underwriting engines.
  • VCO Voice - Based on IP-PBX technology, VCO Voice integrates call center phone service capabilities into the mortgage production process, with features such as a CRM-driven dialer that provides click-to-dial capabilities directly from a borrower's file and the ability to have a borrower's loan file appear on the loan officer’s screen when the borrower calls. Integrated call reporting ensures company-wide accountability and performance monitoring.

Mortgage VCO also provides a full range of integrated IT, technology and managed services, infrastructure support, customer training, and software customization, all tailored specifically to mortgage lenders. Mortgage VCO was originally developed by Millennia Mortgage, which has been processing loans in a paper-free environment since 2003. Acris Technology was founded to market the continually-developing proprietary software technology to the industry.

"It's important to understand that while Mortgage VCO is new to the market commercially, it is a tried and proven platform that benefited from full-time developers and mortgage banking professionals, working side-by-side for many years - with innovation and process improvement as two of our primary core values," said Martin Williams, CEO of Acris Technology. "We believe it's the ultimate complete office solution for mortgage lenders that want to minimize overhead costs and IT complexity, increase efficiency and improve business processes."

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About Acris Technology
Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, Acris Technology is a technology provider offering custom software development and a full range of IT services and infrastructure support. Its flagship product, Mortgage VCO, is a virtual corporate office solution that provides all the necessary software and tools to run a completely paperless, cloud-based mortgage office, enabling clients to realize increased productivity, shorter loan life cycle times and reduced expenses. The virtual suite includes loan origination and processing software, paperless electronic document management (EDM), digital e-signature tools, IP telephony, virtual desktops with Microsoft Office® and Outlook®, plus software customization and development services, IT, telephony and Citrix® virtual office consulting. For more information, visit


Can I Really Trust the Cloud With My Client’s Mortgage Data?

July 13th, 2011 | Posted by Paul McQuade in Cloud Mortgage Technology

When the reference to “the cloud” comes up in conversations with regards to the mortgage space, we are often asked the very understandable question; “How can the cloud possibly be safer than having my servers and data on my own premises?” Our question back is typically something along the line of… “What is your disaster recovery process for getting back up and running in the aftermath of a large “unfortunate” event?” The answer is usually some form of offsite data storage. One of the biggest advantages of the cloud is business continuity with the least disruption. Then add the layer of security and access control delivered by the rock solid Citrix interface and the benefits of the cloud start to become very evident.


What Makes Mortgage VCO Different From Other SaaS Applications and LOS Offerings

July 13th, 2011 | Posted by Paul McQuade in Product Updates
Empty Equipment Closet

What will you do with all that extra closet space?

As you will learn as you go through the website, Mortgage VCO is the first end-to-end, cloud-based utility specifically developed for the mortgage industry. It's much more than just a single SaaS application. At its core, Mortgage VCO is a virtual platform, providing the busy mortgage operation the essential network infrastructure and software necessary to maintain basic corporate operations of any size.

While the "cloud" movement is all abuzz these days, many companies offer hosted, web-based software solutions that address only a single aspect of a company's software needs. It's common for a mortgage company to use a half-dozen or more independent software systems, from accounting, to CRM, to transactional management and more. The typical corporate configuration may consist of a number of enterprise, installed solutions, mixed with a number of hosted solutions, some windows-based, others web-based. Then there is the company's network system, typically installed on local servers running in a MS windows environment. The result is a very disjointed array of installed and hosted systems. VCO Desk is our core product and provides our customers with a completely virtual corporate network, where all applications are accessible anytime, anywhere, ensuring each user a standard interface and user experience. In addition, with VCO Desk we support a personal desktop for each user, file storage, Exchange, Outlook, Fax capabilities and Microsoft Office. VCO Desk then becomes a gateway from which any software application can be launched. While MortgageVCO offers telephony, loan origination and processing software and paperless document management, our clients may opt only to utilize VCO Desk to virtualize their entire company, making all existing applications accessible from a single platform in the cloud. Network administration and systems integrations can now be managed from a single common platform.

Our focus is on providing a network solution for the rapidly growing, and ever-changing mortgage company. Today's mortgage banker is actively rolling up independent mortgage brokerage shops and is experiencing the pains and expense of integrating different cultures, disparate systems, and workflows. With VCO Desk, a branch office can be up and running on a global secure network, sharing mail and other resources overnight. Once on the platform, a company's LOS and other systems, even proprietary applications, are available to new users without installing new software or software patches, purchasing new equipment, or incurring considerable IT expense. We wanted to provide a convenient, cost-effective, subscription-based solution for mortgage companies that experience the typical wild swings in production. With Mortgage VCO, a company can quickly meet sudden increases in production demand, or in the reverse, reduce costs as the market dictates downsizing.


Welcome to the Mortgage VCO Blog

July 13th, 2011 | Posted by Paul McQuade in Product Updates

Welcome to the shiny new Mortgage VCO blog. Our goal is to give you genuinely helpful information about our view of the mortgage technology world and how you can leverage technology to make your life a little easier and a lot more profitable!

We'll be posting news, product updates, helpful tips and software tricks, along with our possibly biased but hopefully fair view of the world we live in.


The Mortgage VCO team



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