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About Us

Mortgage VCO is an end-to-end, cloud-based virtual corporate office suite of software applications, IT and consulting services for the mortgage banking industry including:

  • VCO Lend - Loan Origination and Processing Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • VCO File - Paperless electronic document management (EDM)
  • VCO Sign - Digital E-signature solution
  • VCO Voice - Integrated telephony
  • VCO Desk - Virtual desktops with Microsoft Office® and Outlook®
  • Software customization and development services
  • IT, telephony and Citrix® virtual office consulting

Developed by Acris Technology of Laguna Hills, CA, Mortgage VCO was designed to reduce IT complexity and expense, while adding instant scalability and increased operational efficiency, visibility, regulatory compliance and control over every aspect of a mortgage banking office. Mortgage VCO provides everything necessary to run a mortgage business in the cloud.

With the most unique paperless file collaboration and task parsing systems in the industry, Mortgage VCO was developed through an iterative process in the "real-world laboratory" of a busy, successful mortgage banking operation. Twelve-plus years, countless hours and millions of dollars went into the refinement of this platform. Previous used privately to process over $10 Billion in funded loans, Mortgage VCO is now available commercially to mortgage bankers, regional and community banks, credit unions, and any operation that wants to radically improve their mortgage banking processes. See Our Story

For more information about Mortgage VCO and how you can improve your bottom line with the ultimate automation and collaboration platform for mortgage bankers, call 800-605-2511 or email us at