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Get your disclosure docs signed in minutes with a secure VCO Sign digital signature.

VCO Sign is a digital electronic signature solution, fully integrated for a paperless mortgage office. No more printing, faxing or expensive FedEx® packages. Add digital signatures to your disclosure documents and use the power of technology to track who signed which document and when, in minutes, not days! Users and customers can access pending documents in real time to manage the digital signature environment.

Turbocharge your pre-disclosure signing process!


... Substantially reduce document prep and signing time and close more deals in less time!

Easy to Use

... Pre-formatted signature placement tools on VCO Lend disclosures, intuitive interface and easy reminders


... Public key encryption & secure customer access portal unique to each account


... Long-term electronic storage of all signed documents


... Users and customers can log in and use from any web-enabled platform


... Reduce or eliminate signing mistakes


... Optional PGP TrustCenter-verified certificate attached to signed documents


... Transfer of digitally signed legal documents to certified eVaulting partners

VCO Sign's secure digital technology

VCO Sign is a true digital signature, based on public key asymmetric cryptography, which ensures your signed document is tamper-proof. The signer's digital identity is encrypted within the signature. Any attempt to modify a digitally encrypted VCO Sign document would visibly invalidate the document. In fact, a VCO Sign digital signature offers higher integrity than the signer's handwritten signature. VCO Sign provides non-repudiation, which means that in a dispute, the signer cannot successfully claim they did not sign a document in which their digital signature is contained.