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MortgageVCO has everything you need to run your mortgage business in the Cloud.

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Take control and radically improve productivity in every department with Mortgage VCO. "VCO" stands for "Virtual Corporate Office," a powerful suite of software applications designed specifically for the mortgage industry including loan origination and processing software, paperless document management, digital signatures, Microsoft Office® and Exchange® Server, integrated telephony and more, all available anytime, anywhere. Plus, with Mortgage VCO you get expert IT and development partners that truly understand every aspect of your business, that know what it takes to streamline and automate your lending processes, that can successfully transition your mortgage business to a true virtual environment and position your company for unmatched collaboration, efficiency and growth.
VCO Desk Learn More about VCO Desk
VCO Desk is our virtual desktop solution, powered by Citrix®. Leverage the leading virtual desktop technology plus over ten years of Citrix® expertise to reduce your IT expense and eliminate server purchase, maintenance and upgrades overnight. Includes online data storage, MS Office® and Outlook® with Exchange® Server.
VCO Lend Learn More about VCO Lend
VCO Lend is our customizable, scalable, secure, and easy-to-use loan origination and processing software for mortgage offices that have outgrown off-the-shelf loan origination software products. Includes advanced file queuing and task parsing technology and integrates seamlessly with our other VCO products.
VCO File Learn More about VCO File
VCO File is a secure, web-based, paperless document management, storage, and processing system. Multiple users can access the same file at once, eliminating the traditional linear approach to file management. VCO File reduces overhead expense, increases productivity and eliminates lost and misfiled documents. Integrates with VCO Lend or your current loan origination software as a stand alone SaaS application.
VCO Sign Learn More about VCO Sign
VCO Sign is our secure digital electronic signature solution, using tamper-proof, public-key encryption technology. Includes long-term electronic storage of all signed documents. Get your docs signed in minutes, not days, with this seamlessly-integrated solution.
VCO Voice Learn More about VCO Voice
VCO Voice is advanced digital telephony, seamlessly integrated with VCO Lend, providing a host of features like click-to-call, find-me/follow-me, visual voicemail, comprehensive inbound and outbound call reporting by company, group or individual, call center queuing (ACD), call monitoring and more.
VCO Link Learn More about VCO Link
VCO Link is your connection to third-party settlement service providers of credit, flood, title and escrow services, compliance certifications, initial disclosures, closing docs, appraisal ordering and more. Integrated data exchange with third-party vendors reduces errors, increases efficiency and provides tracking and accountability. We are experts at custom-tailoring data exchange interfaces with a multitude of mortgage-related applications and services, using rules-based logic to integrate them into your company's unique workflow processes. And when you're on our hosted platform, the integration process can be quick, easy and cost-effective.