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VCO Lend Source Code

Get a Multi-Million Dollar, Ten Year Headstart on Developing Your Own LOS!

The entire source code for VCO Lend is now being made available to a select few mortgage banking companies for a very limited time.

We are providing the perfect solution for technology-driven mortgage banking organizations that have been customizing either their own software or on top of a one-size-fits-all vendor loan origination software platform. VCO Lend is built on a solid SQL database structure and uses the latest 2010 Microsoft development products, which means you have unlimited customization and integration options available to your development team. If you've ever thought about owning your own proprietary loan origination and processing software, this could be your opportunity. Please contact us soon if you are interested as this window of opportunity will close as soon as we have reached our limited goal.

Acris also has automated underwriting (AU), pricing engine (PPE) and document management (EDM) software code available for sale. Please contact us at the form to the right or call for more information on any of these technologies.

Reasons to Consider VCO Lend Source Code

Unique Opportunity to Own LOS Source Code

Unique Opportunity to Own LOS Source Code

  • The code is yours to build on and customize
  • Easily integrate current custom applications and proprietary software
  • Rapidly deploy integrated third party services
  • Customize workflow by writing your own rules
  • Limitless reporting opportunities
  • Import/export MISMO, DU and LP compliant files
  • Most other LOS code not for sale!
  • This is a very limited time offer to purchase the code to your own LOS
Loan Origination & Processing On Steroids!

Loan Origination & Processing On Steroids!

  • Designed for the compliance-driven marketplace
  • Automated workflow management
  • Proprietary file queuing technology
  • Advanced analytics
  • Built-in lead management
  • Performance reporting & incentives
  • Developed from the ground up for paperless
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Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Powerful is useless if it's hard to use. VCO Lend uses a logical and intuitive interface and can be quickly learned by all levels of personnel. It's designed for fast data entry.


  • Perpetual licensing fees
  • Current LOS limitations
  • Costly customization, difficult integrations, and cumbersome workarounds
  • Vendor markup on services through current LOS provider
  • Dependencies on vendors
Key Benefits

Key Benefits

  • A single system from prospecting to processing to underwriting and fulfillment
  • Improve turn-time from application to funding to sale
  • Increase productivity for your sales and ops teams
  • Provides real-time visibility into your sales, ops and staff
  • Eliminate redundancy, reduce errors, ensure compliance
  • Collaborate on files anytime, anywhere!
  • Close more deals in less time!
Millions Invested

Millions Invested

You already know developing your own loan origination software from the ground up is not for the faint of heart! We've invested millions of dollars over ten years in an iterative, collaborative process, which has culminated in our VCO Lend platform. Take advantage of our investment and get a massive head start on your own development!

Is Owning Your Own LOS Right For You?

  • Do you have a technologically progressive mortgage company culture?
  • Have you been trying to customize around your current provider's LOS?
  • Are you spending $10K per month or more in LOS related or development expenses?

Owning your own loan origination software is not for everyone. We are big believers in SaaS and are actively pursuing mortgage operations that can benefit from our platform on a per user basis. But for larger organizations that answered yes to the questions above, you've probably already realized you will never gain the ultimate flexibility of customization and integration in the absence of owning your own software.