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Mortgage lenders today know they must lower their costs and increase their efficiency to compete in the new mortgage industry. They are actively seeking new ways to improve their origination, processing and secondary marketing technology. At Mortgage VCO, our team has been integrating and exchanging data with mortgage service companies like yours for over a decade, giving our users quick and seamless access to services right within their LOS interface.

VCO Link Wants to Connect With You

Through VCO Link, you can offer your integrated services within VCO Lend, our innovative loan origination, processing and secondary marketing software. There are two ways to integrate through VCO Link:

VCO WebLink -

 VCO WebLink uses web services to present a one-way or two-way data exchange within your transactional web interface. Data may be pre-populated into your web form automatically by the system and/or entered by the user.

VCO DirectLink -

 VCO DirectLink is a system-to-system direct integration from within the VCO Lend user interface. Your data is seamlessly available without leaving the LOS and can be triggered by the user or automatically by a change in status within the system's workflow automation.

Integrating with VCO Link

VCO Link and the entire Mortgage VCO product suite of products are part of Acris Technology, LLC, a software development and IT services company located in Laguna Hills, CA. We grew out of a successful mortgage banking operation that thrived on squeezing every ounce of productivity out of our technology and the vendors and lenders with which we integrated. So be assured that we are dedicated to making your integration process as quick and painless as possible. It's to our benefit to have you working efficiently with your clients through the Mortgage VCO software, so know that we will go the extra mile to make sure you are pleased with the entire experience.

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