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Our consulting program takes your mortgage business out of the fog and into the cloud.

Cloud apps. Virtualization. Software-as-a-Service. Platform-as-a-Service. Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Cloud-delivered desktops. Hosted IT, Multi-tenancy... the list goes on and on! There's no denying it's a new world. And no doubt there are also massive competitive advantages to running your business in the cloud. But frankly, with all the choices out there it seems it's getting a bit foggy when it comes time to making quality decisions about how to actually get your mortgage business into the cloud, which is why we launched VCO Airlift. More than just another consulting service, VCO Airlift walks your company through the steps necessary to clear the air and take your operations into the cloud the right way.

Depend on IT experts that know your business.

The best way through a minefield

is behind someone who knows the path. You see, we've been there, done that when it comes to virtualizing a mortgage operation. And we're here to tell you there are myriad opportunities for making mistakes, misguided steps that can cost thousands plus months of lost time to correct.

Work with a knowledgeable team

that not only knows IT and the cloud, but truly understands the nuances of a mortgage banking and lending business like yours. VCO Airlift begins with a comprehensive analysis of your current IT infrastructure, including existing resources, servers, personnel, applications, future growth and development plans, etc. We then take all of these findings and put them through our rigorous 17-Point Airlift Evaluation System. This system has been developed over years of experience, implementing virtual, cloud-based business processes. We can tell you we made lots of mistakes. This process aims to reduce or eliminate these mistakes for you!

We then deliver a customized 15-page report

with a list of detailed recommendations, specifically for your unique business requirements and current infrastructure. (No two businesses are exactly the same and neither are their IT requirements!)

VCO Airlift Includes:

VCO Airlift is Affordable!

  • A Free, no obligation phone consultation
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Detailed report with recommendations
  • Implementation roadmap
  • Implementation consulting
  • Phone consultation is free
  • Cost of Airlift service 100% credited if you decide to implement VCO Desk.
  • Different levels of service to meet every budget
      - Cost of service based on number of users, locations, existing     servers, etc.
      - Phone and Go-to-Meeting consultations
      - On-Site evaluation and consulting
  • No surprises or hidden costs.
      - Everything is quoted up front.