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White Paper Released to Aid Mortgage Bankers in Cloud Adoption Strategy

June 6th, 2012 | Posted by Paul McQuade in News & Press

17-Page white paper outlines 10 things mortgage professionals should know before implementing a comprehensive cloud strategy with a focus on desktop virtualization and enabling a virtual or mobile workforce.

LAGUNA HILLS, CA (PRWEB) June 6, 2012 Acris Technology, the software development company behind Mortgage VCO, a full suite of cloud-based software applications, business and IT support resources for mortgage bankers and lenders, has released a new white paper featuring key benefits of implementing a comprehensive cloud strategy, leveraging best practices in desktop virtualization, paperless document management, and collaborative loan origination and processing. The 17-page white paper, titled "Is it Time to Put Your Mortgage Business in the Cloud? 10 Things You Need to Know Now", was written to help mortgage banking professionals balance the efficiencies and ROI benefits associated with the cloud, while avoiding the potential pitfalls inherent in any migration process.

Mortgage banking companies are actually very well suited for a cloud IT infrastructure, said Acris Technology President Richard Johnston. This white paper was developed to help mortgage bankers better understand the benefits of the cloud that are specific to their unique business requirements, from the unique perspective of someone that has been through the entire migration process in mortgage banking from A to Z.

The white paper is unique as it includes a running commentary by Martin Williams, the Founder/CEO of Millennia Mortgage, a mortgage banking company in Southern California that produced over $10 Billion in loans, leveraging the competitive advantages delivered by their cloud-based infrastructure. Williams is now the CEO of Acris Technology and is dedicated to making cloud IT technology and software available to any mortgage banking-related company through their suite of products and services known as Mortgage VCO.

VCO stands for Virtual Corporate Office, and our goal when we launched the Mortgage VCO suite was to make cloud technologies and comprehensive IT virtualization as affordable and painless to implement as possible, said Acris Technology CEO Martin Williams. We wrote this white paper to describe how the cloud significantly impacts each area of a mortgage banking operation and how it can introduce major increases in efficiency and productivity. Our message is that this is not pie in the sky technology. It's all available right now.

Here are a few of the areas the white paper explores:

  • The differences between SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS
  • Types of virtualization
  • How the cloud enables a virtual workforce
  • Cloud-enabled collaboration and paperless workflow
  • Savings in the cloud
  • Security, compliance and regulation in the cloud

The white paper can be downloaded at



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